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Uptown Yonge Preschool is dedicated to providing families with enriched high quality child-centred programming for children 18 months to 5 years, as well as After-School Club for Gr. 1-6, allowing them to develop to their fullest social, emotional, cognitive and physical potential in safe, fun and nurturing surroundings. It is our belief that learning through play, experience, exploring and creating are the work of the child and should be encouraged and cultivated. An emphasis on communication with parents allows us to understand how to best serve each child, and thus we are able to provide the best possible early school experience for our students.

Want to know more?

We are a secular preschool embracing all cultures and beliefs, dedicated to providing families with high quality child-centred education and care for children, allowing them to develop to their fullest potential in safe, fun and nurturing surroundings. Learning through play and experience is encouraged. We support families through our holistic approach to childcare and education, welcoming parental involvement and the sharing of cultural traditions and professional expertise with the children. We value and foster respect for others, a sense of community, as well as belonging and capability and offer a nurturing and rewarding first school experience. The school meets and exceeds all early childhood and ministry requirements preparing children for the expectations and routines of the elementary school system.

The teachers at Uptown Yonge Preschool are committed to helping each child transition to a school environment and build life skills by gently guiding social interactions, facilitating developmentally appropriate activities, encouraging independence and fostering self-confidence. Our goal is ultimately to produce socially & culturally conscious, empathetic and inquisitive children, well prepared for their foray into the primary school environment. The main focus is to support and encourage the child's emotional and social growth, accounting for the varied learning styles of children.

As perpetual scholars of ECE, we select what we perceive as the valid aspects of a variety of theories to craft our own unique approach. While the Reggio Emilia approach inspires the program most, some influence has been taken from; Adler, Waldorf; High Scope, Gardner, many play theorists, and Piaget as well as the directors own insights into the behavior, and learning of young children. We enjoy sharing our unique philosophy with parents because it works with kids. Please don't hesitate to approach the supervisor, or staff members to discuss our approach in more detail.

All children learn best through play and experience. By "doing" they internalize the process and maintain a love of learning. Play-based learning is a well-researched and widely accepted theory that is implemented in our school. By observing the children in their daily activities, teachers are able to plan appropriate activities that challenge and develop their unique emerging skills by enhancing their play...and often teacher join in. The premise of play-based learning is that children must chose the activity at will, must derive pleasure from it, must be intrinsically motivated to participate, must be actively engaged, and the activity must have an element of pretence. In keeping with this philosophy and with the understanding that play is a the work of children, staff guide the room set up, materials available, length of time children participate, as well as the daily routine of the program. We understand that children learn & develop at their own pace and will reach milestones at different times and teachers program according to these differences.

Learning at Uptown Yonge Preschool is "process-oriented" and not "product-oriented". The learning occurs in the process of "doing" the activity, the result is less important. Thus children spontaneity and creativity are not stifled e.g. during art, each child uses the medium and materials carefully selected by teachers to create however and whatever they are inspired to.

Toddlers and preschoolers frequently experience conflict in social situations. Teachers encourage those involved to work it out together while a teacher observes. Should this approach not result in an acceptable solution, the teacher may model appropriate behaviour, turn taking, and encourage children to consider others point of view. Ultimately our goal is to help children to interact effectively with others.

Classroom set-up and staff approach is geared toward respect and recognition of children. Staff gets down to the child's level when speaking, rather than talking over them. Furniture is child sized, and wall art/displays are at their eye level, not ours.

We promote anti-biased behaviour throughout the program. Children participate equally in all activities, regardless of gender. We practice and teach respect regardless of gender, race, creed, colour, religion, class, age, sexual orientation, marital status, physical challenges, ethnic origin, ancestry or citizenship

Monthly Date Night:

We recognize that parents need alone time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On one Thursday evening each month, we will offer babysitting in the school to allow parents some much needed time for a date, a visit to the spa, a shopping trip or anything else they chose to do.

Behaviour Management

Behaviour management techniques used by staff include redirection, role modeling, praise, positive reinforcement & empathy discussions as well as removal of the child from the situation if safety of child or others is a concern.

Behavior management/modification strategies are based upon logical consequences, allowing the child to understand and internalize the repercussions of unacceptable and/or inappropriate behaviour. In order to maintain self-confidence, children are always allowed the opportunity for redemption (i.e. Helping tape together a picture they tore, gluing a broken toy). The staff set appropriate limits (holding the railing, sitting while eating, no hitting), which are explained and reiterated, to children when necessary.

Our Unique Features

  • Programming by director with extensive teaching background, university education focusing on child development, psychology, and family dynamics who is also ECE qualified. This ensures a well-rounded, well-researched program.
  • Experienced, enthusiastic, educated & professional R.E.C.E &/or Certified Teacher staff
  • FREE Monthly Date Night babysitting for parents
  • We offer SUMMER CAMP!
  • Full sized gym and kitchen & large fenced yard.
  • Relevant & knowledgeable speakers chosen for Parent Nights/Workshops