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Registration & Fees.

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 Application & Registration Procedure

Applications are accepted on a rolling admission basis from existing students.

Applications will be considered as they arrive at the school. They may be mailed, dropped off at the school between 8:30am and 6:00pm, or deposited in the mail slot located on the east side of the building, near the preschool entrance doors. Please check the contact information for driving directions.

Only complete applications containing all of the following will be considered:
$350 deposit (current dated, this is deducted from tuition)
$75 application fee
Please inquire about possible changes to payment structure if needed--monthly plan available.
Applications are considered based upon:
Space availability
Child's compatibility with the program
Child's age
Upon acceptance, the balance of the application package will be due by June 30th:

Immunization record photocopy
Registration Forms
Recent Photo of child
If your child is accepted into the program, a written confirmation of enrollment and further instructions will be mailed. In the event that your child is not offered enrollment, the deposit and 3 cheques will be returned.

In the event of early withdrawal from the program, any cheques not yet negotiated will returned, upon presentation of 1 weeks written notice. The 75$ application fee & $350 deposit are non-refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: All forms must be updated annually. Existing families transition to new fees each September.

Wait List

If the pre-school is at full capacity, we will maintain a waiting list of spaces both for the current year and the following school year. The wait list application is free.

Current students followed by their siblings are prioritized on the list, and otherwise children are selected consecutively based upon their place on the list and their choice of program. A school tour/visit is highly recommended.

School Tour & Orientation

Before deciding to enroll, we suggest parents visit the school with their child at least once. This allows the parents, teachers and Director to observe the child and assess their readiness, as well as preparing the child for future enrollment. This visit will also provide an opportunity to discuss your child, and our centre philosophy as well as address any questions.

Further Steps

Once enrolled, and before your child begins in regular programming, he/she will participate in an orientation session. Children enrolling in the spring for September will have the opportunity to participate in the summer. Otherwise, all children will begin in September with a series of staggered and shortened days which will assist them in acclimatizing to new surroundings and routines.

The first two weeks of pre-school are an adjustment period. During the first few days, parents are encouraged to stay with their child as long as required, progressing to short absences. Once deciding to leave, It is preferable to not hesitate when saying goodbye. Empower your child by assuring him/her that they will have fun and you will be back. It helps to offer your child something to look forward to at the end of the day such as "After Preschool we'll go home and have your favorite snack/stop by the park/visit Grandma etc". Any hesitation on your part gives your child the impression that you are unsure and worried about leaving them at your child you trust and believe in them!